Hummus and Chicken Protein Bowl Recipe

Looking for a quick veggie and protein packed lunch? Look no further than this simple Hummus and Chicken Protein Bowl. It takes less than 1o minutes to meal prep for an entire week’s worth of lunches, and its oh so tasty. Continue reading “Hummus and Chicken Protein Bowl Recipe”

3 Ways to Eat What You Want and Lose Weight

You may be saying, “No Loren, you can’t eat anything and still lose weight!”

Maybe losing weight sends a picture of salads (no dressing) and raw carrot sticks.

Perhaps weight loss sends you into a nervous sweat when thinking about the gym.

Im here to change all of that! I eat pizza and drink beer every weekend.

I’m building my dream, skinny jeans-ready body too.

To truly lose weight we must adjust our lifestyle. No amount of starvation and deprivation will create lifelong change. That quick no carb, no chocolate diet will last a couple of weeks at best. It will also create a terrible relationship with food. Instead, I’ve learned how to eat all of the foods I want and still lose weight. Finally, no calorie counting, no elimination diets, no grumpiness.


Here’s how eat what you want and still lose weight.


1. Get four servings of veggies daily

  • 85% of weight loss happens with changes in nutrition.
  • When I get all 4 servings of veggies in something amazing happens. I feel better. I stay full longer. It makes sure I’m getting essential nutrients.
  • Even better? I have zero guilt about indulging in that pizza and beer on Friday when I know I’ve had an amazing and healthy day.
  • How? I add spinach to my morning TrimShake. I have 2 greens at lunch. Finally, I meal prep veggies for dinner. There are endless ways to get them in daily. Message me for more ideas!
  • Adding in fruits is essential also! I aim for 4 veggies and 3 fruits a day.

2. Drink water

  • I divide my body weight in half and convert that number to the number of ounces I drink each day. Honestly, I go way over because of my health struggles
  • I keep a giant Yeti cup with water and lemon essential oil filled at all times. It’s a great flavor AND a great source of antioxidants.
  • Ditching soda is the best thing I ever did. They are filled with sugar and calories. I don’t want to drink my calories, I prefer to eat them 😜. Sodas are also known for toxic chemicals and questionable ingredients that hinder weight loss and muscle building. {Now, I still have my Dr. Pepper and whisky cokes every now and then. But, I’m not dependent on it. I’ve learned to love fruity water and sparkling water.}
  • So, flush those toxins, hydrate your body, and use a little self care with water.

3. Don’t starve, eat 6 times a day

  • Growing up, my family used to say your body needs fuel. It’s so true! People who do super low calorie and starvation diets actually hinder healthy weight loss. The body needs protein, carbs, and yes even fat. Without it, the body can’t build lean muscle and burn fat properly.
  • I was tired of yo-yo starvation diets that made me feel guilty. Instead, I found that eating six small meals (now, don’t have McDonald’s 6 times a day) gave my body constant fuel and nutrition it craved.
  • It makes me drop weight like no ones business!

Here’s an example  of my daily meals

  1. Breakfast: dōTERRA Trimshake with banana, spinach (can’t taste it), and almond milk
  2. Snack: Greek yogurt with friut
  3. Lunch: Veggie and Chicken Pasta Primavera
  4. Snack: OneBar (for protein around workout)
  5. Dinner: Fajita Bowl
  6. Snack: Chocolate peanut butter protein mug cake (recipe on my Instagram Story!)          with black berries and strawberries

flat lay photography of vegetable salad on plate

Find what works for you, we’re all unique!

At the end of the day, once I hit my gym goals and my nutrition goals, I comfortably indulge in my favorite foods without guilt. No one should live with guilt over food. In all honesty, every food has a certain place in any diet. It’s all about learning to get the right combinations and exercising along the way.

I help women with health challenges create confidence to rock those skinny jeans while eating pizza and beer by learning how to workout and eat on their own terms. If you feel stuck or are ready to get into those skinny jeans, send me a message or DM. I share tips daily on Instagram. Let’s follow each other and cheer each other on!

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Loren is a wellness advocate, a Special Education Teacher, a recent newlywed, and a hospice volunteer. Hiking, tea, visiting local breweries with her husband, photography, chocolate, and reading, are some of her favorites. 

Be sure to follow the blog and connect with me on Instagram and Facebook for daily tips and inspo! 

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How to Christmas Shop on a Budget

brown gift box
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If you’re like me, you have a massive list of people to shop for this Christmas. I’m just going to keep it real here. This is a Christmas of many firsts for me. My first Christmas as a homeowner. My first Christmas with a full time teaching job. Most excitingly, this is my first Christmas as a wife. My first truly adult-feeling Christmas.

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How to Use Grapefruit Essential Oil

Grapefruit Essential Oil

As the season heats up, it’s time to spotlight one of my favorite dōTERRA citrus oils, Grapefruit! The summer is generally a time to get organized, in shape, and ready for vacations.  I use doTERRA Grapefruit essential oil as part of a spring and summer detox routine. I also use it for everything from occasional blemishes to crushing sugar cravings and everything in between! Below are my top tips for loving summer with Grapefruit Essential Oil!

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Living with Mitochondrial Disease

Living with Mitochondrial Disease

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Top 5 Uses for Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary Essential Oil

Did you know Rosemary was considered sacred by the ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Hebrew cultures? It turns out, there is a good reason for this! Rosemary essential oil supports healthy digestion and healthy respiratory function. Rosemary also helps reduce nervous tension and fatigue. The oil has also been shown to support improved memory and cognitive function. The best part? You can even cook with it! Read on for my top 5 uses for Rosemary Essential Oil.

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Everything You Need To Know about Essential Oils

What are essential oils?

Have you ever heard someone talking about stopping to smell the roses? Turns out there’s a reason for that! When you smell the fragrance of a flower, you are also smelling its unique essential oil. Essential oils are naturally occurring aromatic compounds. They are found in every plant; in the seeds, bark, stems, leaves, flowers, or roots. Information about essential oils can be found all over the internet. They are at your local big box store. Everyone seems to either love or hate them. So what’s the deal? Here is my ultimate guide to essential oils. I’m sharing everything you need to know about dōTERRA essential oils and how to use them. This is my ultimate guide to sharing the power of oily wellness and science with you.

Why Should I Choose dōTERRA?

dōTERRA is the largest essential oil company and distributor in the world. Continue reading “Everything You Need To Know about Essential Oils”

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Ok y’all I have a confession to make. I can’t cook. I can’t cook at all. I can scramble an egg and bake a pumpkin pie. That’s the extent of my skills in the kitchen.

Now, I have this great fiancé who can actually cook real food! And his food tastes amazing. He’s helping me up my skills in the kitchen, and I’m going to share our recipes and my kitchen mishaps with you all.

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