7 Things You Should Know about German Christmas Markets

Christmas lights, fairytales, cute mugs, and holiday cheer. What more do you need? Jordan, my husband, and I just spent the best 4 days in Munich on our honeymoon. In the spirit on honesty, we spent 3 days at the Christmas market on Marienplatzalone. It is breathtaking and huge. Even on the last night, we found booths and items we hadn’t seen the previous days. However, it can be a lot to take in. Follow my 7 things you need to know about German Christmas Markets and you’ll be set for a Christmas winter wonderland good time.

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7 Things you need to know about the Munich Christmas Market

1. Check the dates, and then check again

We actually somewhat planned our honeymoon around going to the German Christmas markets. When we arrived, our taxi driver said the markets weren’t opening until the next week. We were bummed. Then, the next morning we accidentally walked straight thru the market. Spoiler alert, they were open! Double check your dates online and through a travel agent. We used Kris DeVogel and she literally thought of every detail!

2. Bring cash

Most of the vendors only accept Euros. They don’t accept credit or debit cards. Have the cash ready to go. There is a bank across the street from one entrance of the market. We went there twice to exchange money. It’s pretty convient. 

3. Price check before you buy

There are so many vendors! The limits are almost endless. At first, we decided to walk through to see what was for sale before buying anything. The next thing I knew, I saw items that were almost identical with a major price difference. Scope everything out. Price compare before you buy. Also, the wooden nativity vendors are limited there. This means they have steep prices at these booths with no competition. 

4. Stay at a nearby hotel 

Fourth, stay at a hotel close to the center of town. We started out our mornings with a four-minute walk to the markets and shopped. Then, we popped back to the drop off our finds and warm up. Finally, we headed back out for a second round of the markets in the afternoon. We stayed at Hotel Torbäu. It is gorgeous. They have excellent customer service and are centrally located. It’s a quick walk from the Christmas Market and the food market. I highly recommend it!

5. Eat everything

Not only does the market have Christmas decor, it also has Christmas food. Every few feet you’ll see booths overflowing with sweets. My personal favorite are Lebkuchen aka chocolate covered gingerbread. Secondly, they have special heart-shaped gingerbread only at Christmas time. You need this in your life. Thirdly, get the chocolate covered fruit. We didn’t know what we bought at first. However, it is the BEST sweet I’ve ever eaten. You won’t go hungry here. I promise. 

6. Be aware of crowds

I was at the market almost every time of the day. The first day, Wednesday, was pretty calm. I assume that weekdays, during the earlier hours are less crowded. Of course, Thursday it got a little more crowded. By Friday night, it was packed with a vibrant energy. It just depends on what type of experience you’re looking for. 

7. Gluwien, love it or hate it

I also saw Gluwein stands every few feet. Gluwein in a hot wine with winter spices. It sounds weird, I know. The first mug I had was….gross. I couldn’t finish it. Then, we found some nicer booths with uniquevariations. They have red wine and white wine versions. The best part? Most of them come in adorable, festive mugs. They gave me a token when I got a drink. I could take the mug and token back, and they would return my “deposit.” It is usually two or three Euros. Honestly, I kept every mug. They are the perfect souvenir.  

Go be festive

All of this being said, the German Christmas markets are pretty self-explanatory. I felt an immense sense of Christmas cheer and love. It will bring out the kid in even the grumpiest of Grinches. Check out my Instagram posts for a better glimpse at the market and its magic.

Merry Christmas loves! 

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