How to Use Bergamot Essential Oil

Anyone else feeling super overwhelmed? I made this fabulous list of New Years resolutions. I’m going to workout harder, I’m going to plan more hands-on lesson plans for my students, I’m going to build my online presence like never before, I’m going to read more. The list goes on and on.

The New Year is causing me anxious feelings. Lukily, I have an oil for that! doTERRA Bergamot is a citrus oil with a light floral scent. It is unique because of it’s uplifting and calming properties. These unique properties make it ideal to help ease anxious or sad feelings. Today, I’m sharing how to use doTERRA’s Bergamot Essential Oil.

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Where Do I Start?

First, it’s essential that you know not all essential oils are created equally. Be sure to purchase responsibly. The market is not regulated strictly. Furthermore, labels can claim an oil is 100% pure, but it doesn’t guarantee that you’re getting the most pure, effective, and safe product.

Additionally, most brand-name oils cannot be taken internally. This typically, but not always, indicates that there may be hidden additives in that bottle. Please, only use dōTERRA’s certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils. We must do searching and find the facts for ourselves.

I’ve fallen in love dōTERRA, an incredible company. They have top scientist in the essential oil industry and in the medical field as partners andconsultants to ensure safety. They also assist communities in impoverished areas. Not to mention, they have their own foundation, the Healing Hands Foundation, that brings doctors, schools, food, steady jobs, clean water, and resources to people in need. I would LOVE to help you get started with the best oils around! 

Fill out the contact form here, and we can chat about your wellness goals!


What is Bergamot Essential Oil?

From the coast of Reggio di Calabria in Italy, Bergamot is one of the most unique citrus oils. For years, Italians have used Bergamot for many purposes—to rejuvenate the skin, reduce feelings of stress, and more. There are many unique attributes of doTERRA Bergamot that set it apart from other citrus oils, and including the exclusivity of where it is grown.

6 Ways to Use

  1. Detox from the holidays- Add 1-2 drops of Bergamot into a glass of water for a gentle detox and great source of anitoxidants. I love to add Lemon essential oil into the mix for a zesty, refreshing treats. I even add it to hot tea to create my very own Earl Grey flavor (my fave)!
  1. Reduce stressful feelings- Bergamot has a unique ability to calm and sooth the senses. I Add a drop to my diffuser jewelry for a steady feel all day long. There are several published scientific studies on the impact simply inhaling Bergamot has on patients with dementia….

“Bergamot Essential Oil (BEO) exerts antinociceptive activity through several pharmacological mechanisms: in particular, it is able to enhance autophagy, a process undergoing derangement in chronic pain. Thus, the sound pharmacological basis for clinical translation of aromatherapy with BEO in the treatment of BPSDs has been pointed out. “

  • Beautify and purify your skin- At the end of a long day, I take a warm shower with Bergamot. First, apply a small amount to skin. Next, Take long, deep breaths. Regain control of your emotions. Finally, feel empowered and relaxed at the same time.
  • Peaceful Escape Diffuser Blend for work- Diffuse 2 drops each of Bergamot (calm stressful feelings), Wild Orange (energize and boost immune system), and Balance (grounding and focusing) at the office. This a delicious aroma. But its more than that. It therapeuticaly supports much needed areas while I tackle my classroom!
  • Create Fizzy Bathboms that do more than smell good- These bath bombs contain all-natural ingredients. They are gentle on skin. And oh yeah, they are also therapeutic on a cellular level. Get the recipe here!
  • Sleep tight- Apply 1 drop of Bergamot and 1 drop of Lavender Essential Oil to your big toes at night about 20 minutes before bedtime. I usually grab a book during that time to prepare for sleep. Pro tip: Wear light cotton socks after apply oils and allowing a moment for them to absorb into youskin. This give the most effective absorption and makes you feel nice and cozy.

doTERRA Bergamot Oil

How Do I Get a Bottle of Goodness?

Finally, now we are ready to give this oil thing a try. I’m so excited to support you and watch your life transform!

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