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How to Use Bergamot Essential Oil

Anyone else feeling super overwhelmed? I made this fabulous list of New Years resolutions. I’m going to workout harder, I’m going to plan more hands-on lesson plans for my students, I’m going to build my online presence like never before, I’m going to read more. The list goes on and on. The New Year is … Continue reading How to Use Bergamot Essential Oil

No Bake Power Protein Balls

It’s a new year, and that means everyone is buckling down and trying to eat healthier and take better care of their bodies. My husband and I are no exception. We go to the gym regularly and love meal prep Sunday.¬†We’ve been struggling to snack on healthy foods though. Then, I came across a recipe … Continue reading No Bake Power Protein Balls

Our Engagement Story

My engagement story went something like this, “You look terrible. Will you marry me?” It wasn’t a Bachelor-inspired moment. But, it was perfect.

How to Christmas Shop on a Budget

My shopping budget is TIGHT. Here’s how I Christmas Shop on a Budget. I also have an exclusive Gift Giving eBook just for my lovelies.

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